Professional Development & Innovation Lab

A2i Project

Our MCT students are doing a government project with the name of "Science in our grip". Which is basically JSC & SSC (Science Discipline) level educational support video platform on ICT issues. This is education related innovative thinking in the service innovation sector of A2I project under the Prime Minister's Office and the implementing agency of Four D Communications.

DIS Interior Project

Daffodil International School (DIS) Interior Projects. DIS is one of our interior design project which was done by our proud students. The Major goal of this project is that students can learn by doing.

Film Project

Our students make films as class projects as far professional purposes by using VFX, Animation, Motion Graphics and so on.

Simulation Project

Our students make world class simulation video for different types of project such as freelancing work.

Smart Car Parking System

Our students make the professional animated video for many companies as well as freelancing work.

Branding & Packaging Project

Branding & Packaging is an important part of any kind of industrial organization. Our students are capable of making this Branding & Packaging simulation video in a professional way.


Recent Research Work of SDSC

Serial No. Paper Name Authors Conference Publisher Conference Location Year Indexed Status
1 A Computational Technique for Intelligent Computers to learn and identify the Human's Relative Directions S. Rayhan Kabir, Mirza Mohashim Alam, Md Tahsir Ahmed Munna, Shaikh Muhammad Allayear 2017 International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems (ICISS) IEEE Xplore India 2017 Scopus Presented
2 Prediction Model for Prevalence of Type-2 Diabetes Complications with ANN Approach Combining with K-Fold Cross Validation and K-Means Clustering Mirza Mohashim Alam, Md Tahsir Ahmed Munna, Shaikh Muhammad Allayear, Joly Ferdous Ara, Kawshik Sarker Future of Information and Communication Conference (FICC) IEEE Singapore 2018 Scopus Accepted
3 HAAR Cascade Classifier and Lucas-Kanade Based .bject Tracker with Custom Masking Technique Mirza Mohashim Alam, Md Tahsir Ahmed Munna, Shaikh Muhammad Allayear Future of Information and Communication Conference (FICC) IEEE Singapore 2018 Scopus Accepted
4 A Machine Learning approach to analyze and reduce features to a significant number for employee's turn over Prediction Model Mirza Mohtashim Alam, Shaikh Muhammad Allayear, Kabirul Islam, Karishma Mohiuddin, Mehedi Hassan, Arshad Haque Computing Conference 2018, IEEE Xplore London, UK. 2018 Scopus Accepted
5 Simplified MapReduce Mechanism for Big Data Processing Tahsir Ahmed Munna, Mirza Mohtashim Alam,Shaikh Muhammad Allayear. ICCIT 2017 2017 Scopus Under Review

Thesis Supervision

Serial No. Paper Name Students Name and ID Level Thesis Field Institution Year
1 Computation of Multi-Agent Based Relative Direction Learning Specification S. Rayhan Kabir (133-35-561) B.Sc. thesis AI, Multi-agent System, Human Computer Interaction Daffodil International University November, 2017
2 A Machine Learning Approach: Stock Price Prediction by Decision Tree Regression Kaushik Ahmed (ID: 133-35-546) and Abdur Rahim (ID: 133-35-528) B.Sc. thesis Machine Learning and Business Intelligence Daffodil International University November, 2017
3 Machine Learning Based Sentiment Analysis for Amazon Product Review Md. Mahfuzur Rahman (ID:132-35-469) B.Sc. thesis Sentiment Analysis Daffodil International University November, 2017
4 Data Mining Approach Student Drop Out in FSIT at DIU: Decision Tree Md. Asif Siddiqui (ID: 132-35-469) and Saidul Islam (ID: 132-35-493) B.Sc. thesis Data Mining Technique Daffodil International University November, 2017

Area of Project

  • 3D Animation & VFX Engineering

    3D Modeling, Animation, Visual Effects, Fluid Dynamics, Particle Dynamics, Architectural Visualization, Area of Specialty, Character Design, Simulation & Modeling.

  • Visual Arts & Communications

    Graphic Design, 2D Animation, Bangla Font Developments, Typography, Calligraphy Design, Graphic Novel, Digital Arts.

  • Game Design & Development

    First Person Game, Third Person Game, Racing, Adventure, Game Engines.

  • Film & Media

    VFX, Pre Production, Post Production, Video Editing, Digital Chinematography.

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