Course Summary

Students wishing to obtain a Bachelor's degree in the Multimedia and Creative Technology Program (MCT) will have to follow the general guidelines of degree requirements of the University. The courses are organized under four groups as shown in the table.


Table : Grouping of Courses

Grouping of  Courses
Group 1 Language and General Education 15 Credit
Group 2 Basic Science                                                                            03 Credit
Group 3 Mathematics 06 Credit
Group 4 Core Courses                                                                           115 Credit
Group 5 Elective Courses                                                                      08 Credit
Total 147 Credit


Suggested Outline for the Execution of the Program:

The University runs three semesters per year. A suggested outline for the execution of the MCT program is given below.


Elective Courses (Any two with lab, 08 credits)

Code Course Title Credits
CSE311 Database Management Systems 3
MCT432 Lighting & Rendering 3
MCT433 Lighting & Rendering Lab 1
MCT337 Character Animation 3
MCT338 Character Animation Lab 1
MCT452 3D Game Programming 3
MCT453 Dynamic Motion Synthesis 3
MCT454 Fluid Dynamics and Visualization 3
MCT455 Particle Dynamics 3
MCT456 Cloth Simulation 3
MCT457 Hair and Fur 3
MCT458 V Ray rendering 3
MCT459 Architectural Visualization 3
MCT460 Stereoscopy Techniques 3

Based on above execution plan, the summary of credits for B.Sc. in MCT program is shown below:

Level Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Total
1 13 Credits 16 Credits 15 Credits 44 Credits
2 12 Credits 14 Credits 16 Credits 42 Credits
3 13 Credits 11 Credits 13 Credits 37 Credits
4 15 Credits 6 Credits 3 Credits 24 Credits
Total 147 Credits

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Area of Specialty

  • 3D Animation & VFX Engineering

    3D Modeling, Animation, Visual Effects, Fluid Dynamics, Particle Dynamics, Architectural Visualization, Area of Specialty, Character Design, Simulation & Modeling.

  • Visual Arts & Communications

    Graphic Design, 2D Animation, Bangla Font Developments, Typography, Calligraphy Design, Graphic Novel, Digital Arts.

  • Game Design & Development

    First Person Game, Third Person Game, Racing, Adventure, Game Engines.

  • Film & Media

    VFX, Pre Production, Post Production, Video Editing, Digital Chinematography.

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